Welcome to try out the trial version of seppo

Try seppo for free.

There are a few restrictions in the trial version of seppo:

  • You can build no more than two different games
  • You can only create up to three different exercises
  • You can create a maximum of two teams
  • All contents of the trial database are deleted once a day at 3.00 a.m EET.

Once you have built a game, you can use a tablet computer or your smartphone to login to the game with player credentials at try.seppo.io. This way you can see how the game looks from the player's perspective.

This trial environment should give you an idea how seppo works, what it is all about, and how you could utilize it in your profession.

Go ahead and start experimenting with seppo right away or if you'd like please have a look at the tutorial videos below first.

Good luck!

Start building a trial game

Seppo Tutorial videos

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